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The Gold Standard in Booths

Calais is a fully upholstered booth, with a 24" overall depth, and a removable 1 1/2" high-density foam sinuous spring seat for a softer sit. Calais' flatter seat gives it a more streamlined appearance for high-end applications.


    Standard features
  • Fully upholstered booth
  • Foam padded inside back
  • Removable, high density foam padded, sinuous spring seat
  • 30", 44", 48", 60" standard lengths
  • 36", 42", 48" standard heights
  • Upholstered finished outside back on single booths
  • Black vinyl covered enclosed base

      Options include:
    • Upholstered, wood veneer, or plastic laminated crumb strip
    • Top cap: Laminated, oak or maple
    • Outside back: laminated, oak or maple veneer
    • Base: black laminated, black ABS, oak or maple veneer
    • Gallery with veneer insert: 6" high oak, 12" high oak, 6" high maple, 12" high maple
    • Finish on one or both ends
    • End panels: laminated, oak, maple
    • Hooded/skirted seat
    • 6" headroll
    • Pullover top & wrap around ends
    • Smooth, handfolded diamond or biscuit tuft, vertical channel tuft inside back
    • Custom heights and lengths
    • Smooth, hand-folded diamond or biscuit tuft, or deep channel tuft on inside back

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